Australian Animals Alphabet

X is for making the spot

The next letter of the Aussie Alphabet is X.

X is for marking the spot of your next big Aussie Animal encounter.

Where will you see them?

In the sky, flying over head, a flock of Black Cockatoos that head over every Autumn.

A thousand little Budgies in the trees as you walk along the foot path up north.

On the land, a Blue Tongue Lizard ambles past your feet while you are standing on the lawn out the front of your house.

Mama Redback and her newly hatched babies (200 of them), floating on the messy web in your pot plant, that is way too close to your front door.

In the water, a Crocodile lunging out of the water like this has been rehearsed for weeks and takes the bait off off the tour guide’s hook.

Out of the water, the beach is covered with washed up Bluebottle Jellyfish, which can still pack a mighty sting if you happen to step on one.

Look around, they are everywhere.

What is the next letter of the Australian Alphabet? It’s Y……

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